How much should I save up for the Tanzania Wildlife Tour?

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asked Aug 14, 2015 in Travel by que341 (1,280 points)

When I turn 20 next year. I might bring a friend. This will be the first time I actually will be anywhere without the family. Nervous. 

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answered Aug 17, 2015 by raulorales (1,270 points)

Visa for enter - $50 - Make sure they not charge you business visa, that is $150 
Hotel per night - $230 pp [in park] 
Renting car - $80 per day - Pajero 
Driver - $50 pd [better to let them drive than you, otherwise increase your bribe kitty] [make sure they can read and speak english and not just know "yes" and "no problem" - have a conversation with them and don't worry getting another one, just take my word, you will want to feed the driver to the lions for entertainment out of frustration at some point] 
Entrance 1 - $350 [we were 3 foreign and 1 driver, can not remember how they got to this] 
Entrance 2 - $ 270 [hour after 1st gate] 
Exit - $ 270 
Fuel - $ 400 [week] 
Hotels on the way - $ 80 pp 
Spending - $2500 [especially if you will take your girlfriend / wife and they start this Tanzanite 

Can not help you with Kruger Park mate, sorry. Tanzania though was something to remember - can not help you with plane tickets prices, think ours was around R 8000 pp but somewhere there. 

Keep emergency cash, our driver managed to almost roll our vehicle so had some repairs to do which ended costly. Should the police pull you over forget talking to them or be nice, the driver is responsible for the vehicle and usually they fine you $80 for everything, weather you drive 60 or 160 - keep 2 x $20 in one pocket if you feel compelled to pay and then claim you are broke. Don't bargain SA Embassy is going to assist you at all mate, they are there to waste your tax money and that is it. 

I really enjoyed the safari, was really great and worth it. Tried to follow the cheap route - we have a company house in TZ so I can not advise you on hotel costs there when you land. Maybe an option to try an tour operator - they might come in way cheaper.